She drew superheroes. She never expected to become one.

Covers for Hopefuls series by Jenn Gott

Photo of Jenn Gott

Jenn Gott is an author, fangirl, and jack of all hobbies whose books include the critically-acclaimed lesbian superhero novel The Private Life of Jane Maxwell. She lives in a fairytale forest where, when she's not writing, you can usually find her playing life simulation games, sketching, or entertaining her rambunctious cat.


Cover of “The Private Life of Jane Maxwell” by Jenn Gott

Book 1

Cover of “Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair?” by Jenn Gott

Book 2

More to Come

The Beacon Campaigns

Cover of “The Lady of Souls” by Jenn Gott

Book 1

Cover of “Fixing Fate” by Jenn Gott

Book 2

Cover of “Heart’s Blood” by Jenn Gott

Book 3

Cover of “Whispers of the Ice” by Jenn Gott

Book 4

To Be Announced

Book 5

To Be Announced

Book 6