The Beacon Campaigns – Book Four

Whispers of the Ice

Cover for “Whispers of the Ice” by Jenn Gott

How much is safety worth?

The last thing that Praxis Fellows expected was to ever return to her family’s home, but when Pon Lanali seizes control of Durland and danger looms behind every corner, there is no other choice. While Yandosia may not be Praxis’s favorite place, only the Fellows can provide a safe haven for her and Kaedrich Mannly.

Except that things at home aren’t quite what Praxis planned on. With the fate of the family company hanging in the balance, rivalries and betrayals become common ground—and now something darker is lurking, unburied from the deepest depths of the mine. How long can Praxis and Kaedrich resist being drawn into the quagmire of family politics? And just how much damage is Lanali doing to Kaedrich’s own home up north while the two of them are stuck under the ice?

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