Jenn Gott

Photo by Corie Kelley

My name is Jenn Gott, and I write books. Welcome to my universe.

Specifically, I’m the author of a six-part epic fantasy series called The Beacon Campaigns, and an open-ended superheroes series called Hopefuls. If I had to sum up my writing style, I’d say my books are about magic, death, kissing, and girl heroes (and girl heroes kissing other girl heroes). I like stories that are rompy and grand and funny and dire and heroic. I don’t like unhappy endings, and I don’t like it when characters get killed off and stay dead. My favorite story elements include time travel, parallel worlds, assassins, and one-true-love romance. I like historical costume dramas and splashy summer blockbusters with equal abandon.

In my non-writing life, I’m an effusive fangirl, part-time retail drone, and jack of all hobbies. I draw, sometimes, and play the piano, sometimes, and am slowly learning Spanish. Science fills me with wonder, but I do not have the patience to study it myself. I live with my equally nerdy husband, Graeme Gott, and our spoiled snuggle-cat, Shadow. I am also an introvert, shy, and have social anxiety, so while I am thrilled to talk to you and nerd out about books and movies and music and whatever, do not ever expect me to make the first gesture of friendship. If I ignore you for a while, it is only because I am burrowing into my safe space and need some time to recharge. I appreciate your understanding.

Want a completely random fact? Between the ages of 18 and 32, I grew my hair out all the way to my ankles. It did not take the entire time, that’s just how long I kept it. I loved it for years, but when I finally did get tired of it, I chopped it off all at once, all the way up to my ears, and have since never gotten the same haircut twice.

In conclusion, have a picture of my cat. Because let’s be honest, that’s what you really want, isn’t it?