Jenn Gott spent most of her childhood tromping through her parents’ woods, and the rest of it making up fifty imaginary friends at a time. She has never let them go—these days they’re just called “characters,” and they spend more time on pages than in her head. She is still happiest living in the woods, with her programmer husband and their spoiled snuggle-cat.


Five Random Facts:

1) There is very little music that I don’t like. On any random day I will listen to anything from operas to hip-hop, from Gregorian chants to Top 40 Hits. I’m particularly fond of songs by Panic! at the Disco, Vagabond Opera, and Two Steps from Hell.

2) My computer seriously does have a generic keyboard from 1995, and I have been using it steadily the whole time. All of my novels, ever, were written on it. I’ve dragged it from computer to computer, and at this point I do not think that it will ever die. It still looks brand-new (dated as all get out, but brand-new).

3) I grew my hair out to my ankles just for fun. It started a few inches below my shoulders, and took about ten years. I am nothing if not patient with my hobbies.

4) I’ve been watching Star Trek my whole life, but it took until I was in my early 20’s for me to embrace science fiction and fantasy as a whole. This is what happens when you finally read Terry Pratchett.

5) By nature, I am both an introvert AND painfully shy. These do not always go hand-in-hand, but I got both. So I worked in retail for five years, at the customer service desk. Because what better way to teach yourself how to swim than by throwing yourself in the middle of a roiling ocean? You know what happened? I am still introverted, and still painfully shy—BUT, you will never know it, to meet me in person. I call it a win.


My husband asked me if I am going to include a picture of my spoiled cat. So here she is: