The Beacon Campaigns – Book Two

Fixing Fate

Cover for “Fixing Fate” by Jenn Gott

How far will they go to set things right?

Kaedrich Mannly always wanted to be a hero, and now that’s certainly happened. So the question is, what comes next? According to Praxis Fellows, the answer is obvious: get back to work. With a shift in Praxis’s approach to tackling the puzzle of Orange Rail Lines’ engine designs, and with Kaedrich’s steady help, things have been going better than ever and the two of them have settled into a comfortable routine.

But all of that changes when a woman appears, a woman who claims to be Praxis herself from twenty-two years in the future. Bringing a tale of tragedy and doom, she swears that the only way to prevent disaster is to kill the man that will ultimately be responsible for all of their suffering. It is, of course, unthinkable—but how do you argue with yourself? And how do you say no, if it means saving the person that you love?

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