June 1, 2019

Announcements, Hopefuls, Indie Superhero Summer, Sales and Promotions, The Private Life of Jane Maxwell, Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair?

#IndieSuperheroSummer Begins!

Hey, friends!

Welcome to June, and welcome to the first-ever Indie Superhero Summer! This is an event I’ll be hosting here on my blog for the duration of June, July, and August in celebration of self-published supehero books. Why? Well, as an author of a book that fits that category, I obviously have a vested interest in it—but also because there’s been such an increase of excellent superhero books in these last few years since I first published The Private Life of Jane Maxwell, and I wanted to celebrate that.

So what can you expect?

Simply put, each Monday for the duration of the summer, I’m going to be posting content that is all about superheroes and indie superhero authors. This will include book discussions, essays about what superheroes mean to me, and interviews with other authors.

There will also be a variety of fun bonuses for you, my dear and loyal fans! For starters, the event should absolutely run across the release of Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair? Consider this my apology for the delayed release date, and for taking so long to get you this book! But I’m also running a 99 cents sale on the ebook of The Private Life of Jane Maxwell for my new readers, now through June 8! And in July, I’ll have a very special announcement, so please stay tuned for that.

But there’s really no reason why I should have all the fun. If you’re a fellow indie author who’s published superhero fiction, please jump in! I’ll be using the hashtag #IndieSuperheroSummer across all my social media platforms, and I’d absolutely love to see what you do with it. Send me a link to your books, send me a link to your posts, and I’ll include wrap-ups of everything I’ve found down below. Or send a query to jenn@jenngott.com with the subject line Superhero Summer Guest and a pitch for a guest post, and I’ll see if there’s a spot for you!

And that’s it! Please do stick around, because this is going to be a very exciting three months. Remember, new posts go up each Monday, starting June 3, when I’ll be interviewing author Stefani Chaney.