This bonus material first appeared in F-BOM Special Edition July/August 2019.

Abnormal Research and Reconnaissance Office
Report for New Recruits


CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. This document is meant for ARRO personnel only. The information contained within SHALL NOT BE SHARED with the public under ANY circumstances.


Below, you will find brief dossiers of Grand City's most high-profile Enhanced Subjects, also known as the Heroes of Hope. Study them carefully, as this information WILL NOT be provided again. As a newly minted field officer, it is important to remember that your job is to OBSERVE and REPORT. You will NEVER be asked to engage or interact with the subjects, unless it is both: A) under direct, advanced, explicit instruction, and B) after proper training and certification by a superior. If any of the subjects exhibit abnormal behavior (defined here as "outside of the normal expected patterns based on officially documented data"), you should bring it to the attention of your Control Agent IMMEDIATELY. Failure to comply with this directive will result in punishment up to and including: fines, termination, and criminal charges.

Once you have finished with this document, it is to be destroyed via the protocol outlined in your ARRO Field Officer Handbook, Volume B, Chapter 28, Subsection 18.07: Proper Disposal of Classified Documentation.


Subject: Captain Lumen

Special Skills: Can generate and direct lasers and beams of visible light; night-vision, presumably via ability to see in infrared; appears to be able to tap into wireless signals—UNCONFIRMED.

Signature Moves: Uses bursts of light to temporarily blind opponents; can cut through most surfaces with lasers; high degree of driving skill allows for effective retreat from threats.

Threat Level: High

Other: All previous field reports suggest the highest degree of skill level from subject; however, recent study indicates a change in behavior patterns that greatly reduce her apparent control over her abilities. Closer observation is warranted.


Subject: Rip-Shift

Special Skills: Teleportation portals via powers-generated "rips."

Signature Moves: Occasionally, subject will use the creation of said portals to slice through objects; this could potentially be used against individuals as well, though reports indicate that subject has never made use of this maneuver.

Threat Level: High

Other: Poses a risk of infiltrating past security systems.


Subject: Windforce

Special Skills: Manipulating air currents.

Signature Moves: Uses modified skydiving wingsuit to carry self along air currents, effectively granting subject the powers of flight.

Threat Level: Moderate

Other: Does not appear to be able to generate hurricane-level wind speeds; however, should powers grow, this subject could become highly dangerous. Monitor development closely.


Subject: Mindsight

Special Skills: Unknown.

Signature Moves: Hangs back during almost all combat scenarios; moderate skills with a firearm.

Threat Level: Low

Other: It is unclear exactly what subject's role is, or what purpose she serves in the team structure.


Subject: Pixie Beats

Special Skills: Can shrink both self and others, if in direct contact, to at least the size of a coffee cup, possibly further.

Signature Moves: Appears to use some type of martial-arts combat, origin unknown.

Threat Level: Low

Other: While her small size allows for a certain degree of covert movement, sufficient security protections should safeguard facilities from unauthorized access; all other skills of minimal danger.


Subject: Granite Girl

Special Skills: Skin hardens into a stonelike texture; durable, appears to be bulletproof.

Signature Moves: Often gets treated as a battering ram; heavily relies on the use of her fists.

Threat Level: Moderate

Other: This subject is formidable in hand-to-hand combat; however, her reduced stature and tendency to avoid the use of firearms greatly impedes her efficacy.


Subject: Deltaman

Special Skills: High degree of expertise across a wide range of combat techniques, including hand-to-hand, knives, and firearms. Appears to have military-level training, and can therefore possibly control military hardware, should it ever fall into subject's hands.

Signature Moves: Often uses a variety of darts projected from wrist-mounted deployment system; tends to favor a covert approach.

Threat Level: High

Other: Current location unknown.