March 20, 2023

Appearances, Writing Tips

Upcoming Appearance! Storycrafting Sessions: Drafting Conference

Hey, friends! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll be appearing on a panel this Saturday, March 25, as part of the Storycrafting Sessions conference on Drafting!

This is a free event held over Zoom and Discord, where we’ll be chatting with a bunch of writers and breaking down different elements of writing craft.

I’ll be part of the “Crafting a Scene with 5+ Characters” panel at 4pm Eastern time, appearing alongside Kaki Olsen, Caitlin Marceau, Neve Maslakovic, and our moderator, Mar Vincent.

You can register for free here, or check out the whole lineup!

I’m really looking forward to it! There’s a lot of interesting aspects to unpack about this topic, and it should be a lively and helpful discussion, especially for anyone working on stories with larger casts or multiple POV characters. (But even if you’re not a writer, you’re still welcome to hang out and get some insight into the creative process!)

The first half of a panel will be a moderated discussion, and the second half will be open to audience Q&As. If you drop by, please say hi to me in either the Zoom chat or the Discord server afterward. Hope to see you there!