August 16, 2022

Announcements, Hopefuls, Janie One More Time

NEW BOOK ALERT: Janie One More Time, available NOW!

Supervillains? No problem. High school? Well, that’s another story…

Cover of “Janie One More Time” by Jenn Gott

Yes, friends, the day is FINALLY here! Janie One More Time, the third book in my lesbian superhero series, is officially done and out in the world!

Note: some stores/formats may not show up immediately—this page will update with purchase links as the book becomes available

Genuinely, I cannot believe this moment has come. I want to thank all the fans of Jane and Clair who’ve waited so patiently for me to gather myself up after a really tough few years. I hope this story of Y2K nostalgia, body-swapping hijinks, and second chances is everything you could wish from it.

And if you haven’t yet, please consider leaving a review for the first two books in the series! Reviews really help new readers discover my work, and I appreciate each and every one I receive.

Now go! Read! You’ve waited long enough.