December 4, 2018

Announcements, Hopefuls, Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair?

Cover Reveal: Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair?

Oh my gosh, friends, the moment is FINALLY here! The cover for Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair? has been tweaked for the last time, and now I can finally, finally, share it with you all! So, without further ado, I present:

Cover of “Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair?” by Jenn Gott


Isn’t it so pretty?? I swear, I think I love this cover even more than I love the one for The Private Life of Jane Maxwell, and I love that one to pieces. Every part of this has a very specific meaning and reason for being included, which you’ll find out when the book is released in early 2019. I hope you’re all as excited for it as I am—this book has proven to be a greater challenge than I ever anticipated, but I am finally so happy and confident with what I’ve created, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

So, what’s it about, you ask? Well, due to the nature of how the first book ended, the very premise of this book is a SPOILER for The Private Life of Jane Maxwell, so I’ve tucked the blurb for it after the jump. Read below at your own discretion.




…Okay, still with me? Here you go!

Clair Maxwell didn’t ask to be resurrected, or to inherit the mind, body, and superpowers of her parallel self, but she’s not about to question such a miraculous gift. Even if it means carrying around memories that aren’t hers, even if it means living on a world not quite what she’s used to, even if it means learning how to be a superhero. She has her childhood sweetheart-turned-wife back, and a second chance at living. She has no intention of wasting it.

But just as she’s walking down the aisle again, setting the last thing back the way it should be, her world is up-ended once more. An attack on her life throws everything into chaos. Surrounded by old foes and new secrets, suddenly everything Clair thought she knew about her past is in question. And now she’s forced to wonder just where Clair ends… and Amy begins.