What I’m Writing: Whispers of the Ice (Beacon Campaigns 4), AND Who’s Afraid of Amy Sinclair? (Hopefuls 2)
What I’m Reading: Any Other Love by Elizabeth Barone
What I’m Loving: Lucy Bellwood’s 100 Demon Dialogues PLUS: Sarah’s Scribbles! A two-fer this month, because everyone needs a little honesty and a lot of humor.

Skipping the WIP excerpt this time. Because Reasons.

Jenn Gott

Photo by Corie Kelley

Got my author photos back! I’m absolutely thrilled. Thanks a million to Corie Kelley, who also took the time to throw in a few “couples” shots of Graeme and me. Above is the “official” portrait, though there were a number that I really liked, so it was a tough choice.

In writing news, I continue to be blown away by the reception that The Private Life of Jane Maxwell is receiving. So much, that I really cannot in good conscience work on JUST the Beacon Campaigns for a while. So… I’m trying something new, balancing working on TWO different books/series at once. Not that I haven’t ever had two books in production at the same time, but I’ve always kept one as my primary focus, and the rest were things I played with if I needed a break… Trying to draft two different universes at once is interesting, but I’m determined to make it work. Even if yesterday I realized I need to rip out a huge section of Whispers of the Ice and rework my plan, siiiigh.

Also, apparently I took an unofficial break from social media this month? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. THINGS just kept coming up, I guess, and sometimes Shy Author needs to bury herself under the blankets and user her spare time to re-watch Downton Abbey and Arrow. I’m feeling better now, so hopefully I’ll be more chatty in September.