It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Without further ado, Jane Maxwell is making her debut in the world!

As the creator of a popular new comics franchise, Jane Maxwell knows a thing or two about heroes, but has no illusions of being one herself. All of that is shattered, however, when she finds herself swept into a parallel world—one where her characters are real, and her parallel self is their leader.

There’s just one problem: that Jane is missing.

Under the growing danger of a deadly new villain named UltraViolet, the team has no choice but to ask Jane to do the impossible: step into the suit left behind by her double, become the hero that they need her to be. But with budding powers that threaten to overwhelm her, a family she only half-recognizes, and the parallel version of her dead wife staring her in the face, navigating her alternate life proves harder than she ever imagined…

Available now in ebook format for the introductory price of only $0.99! (Paperbacks will come over the next few days/weeks, as the approval process filters through the systems.)

Read the first chapter here, or head straight to your favorite retailer to nab your copy today:

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