Hey all! Just a quick post to let everyone know that I am totally still hard at work over here, and what to expect from me over the next several months.

Never fear, Heart’s Blood (the Beacon Campaigns #3) is coming right along. Ideally, I wanted it out at the end of this year, and it still MIGHT meet that goal, but a January release is also highly possible. I know, I know—I’m eager for it, too, and I wish I could give you a set-in-stone date, but the truth is that I publish these books the very MINUTE that they are 100% edited and formatted, and so I cannot say for certain exactly when that’s going to be. Also, I am not willing to rush this book—it’s a critical point in the series, and it needs to be right. But trust me: it’s worth the wait. I promise that you’ll love it.

The cover reveal and official blurb are coming soon, maybe as soon as next week. Still ironing out a few details.

After Heart’s Blood is out, my plan is to take the briefest of breaks from the series and publish a standalone novel. This new novel, as yet untitled, is completely unrelated to the world of Praxis and Kaedrich, but I think that you’ll like it just the same. The only details I am ready to give out at this point is that it’s a steampunk dystopia romance—and yes, I am aware how weird of a mashup that sounds like, but you’ll see. 🙂

The Lady of Souls has officially been out for a year now, and I completely forgot to notice its birthday! Oops! Thank you everyone for your early support. Telling stories is what I have always wanted to do with my life, and I am so grateful to my readers for helping me realize that dream, bit by bit. The first year has been great—but the second looks to be even better. I have so many fun things planned for my books, and I cannot wait to share it all with you in the coming year.