What I’m Writing: The Private Life of Jane Maxwell, OMG I SWEAR I AM ALMOST DONE.
What I’m Reading: The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen: Awesome Female Characters From Comic Book History by Hope Nicholson
What I’m Loving: Hidden Figures, a movie I FINALLY FINALLY got to see!

WIP Excerpt:

Cal’s heavy hand settled on Jane’s shoulder. “Hey. You doing all right?”

“No!” Jane didn’t mean to shout. It came out anyway, a single shrill word piercing the hallway.

And Cal just chuckled. Chuckled! Like Jane was being cute or something: oh look, precious little neophyte superhero, baby fresh in her ass-kicking boots.

The Private Life of Jane Maxwell, if she was produced by DC vs Marvel 😉

Let the record state that this month was awesome.

Seriously. Between seeing Wonder Woman and Hidden Figures (shut up, yes I know I’m way behind), between the gorgeous weather, between attending a discussion series on the women’s movement, between hearing Sarah Prager speak about her new book on LGBTQ+ history, between a really fun meeting of my local writers group, between a simply perfect day last Friday, between getting so much editing done… I don’t know if I could have crafted a more enjoyable month for myself if I had tried.

Still, I have reached the point where I am so ready for this book to be done. The last week(ish) have been nothing but pulling teeth, to get myself to sit down and tie off the last few things that need doing. Thankfully, the end is within reach. The Private Life of Jane Maxwell will be out in July, so make sure that you’re signed up for my mailing list to get the news as soon as it goes live!