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Cover Reveal and Status Updates for “Fixing Fate”

Let’s start with what you’ve really come here for:

Click to see a larger version

Click to see a larger version

Am I allowed to take a second to squee about how much I love this cover? Because seriously, I LOVE this cover! The hat has a huge significance to the book, as anyone who has read even a little bit into the story will be able to attest to, and I adore how it matches the style of Book One.

Anyway! So we’re now offically into Spring 2015, the release window for Fixing Fate. It’s going to be a late-spring release, but we ARE still on target to have the book out before June and the start of summer. I wish that I could be a little more specific than that, but at this point I’m still not comfortable guessing on how long the rest of my edits will take. They’re going well, though! There’s not that much left.

Sorry, by the way, that I haven’t been posting to the blog on a regular basis, but crafting Fixing Fate consumed me entirely over the winter. This is by far the most delicate and complex book that I have ever written, but I am so proud of the end result and I think that you’ll all love it when it’s finally done. It’s an even stronger book than the first.

(Haven’t read the first one yet? Now’s the time! The Lady of Souls ebook is only $2.99, and you can read the entire first chapter for FREE right here.)

How far will they go to set things right?

Kaedrich Mannly always wanted to be a hero, and now that’s certainly happened. So the question is, what comes next? According to Praxis Fellows, the answer is obvious: get back to work. With a shift in Praxis’ approach to tackling the puzzle of Orange Rail Lines’ engine designs, and with Kaedrich’s steady help, things have been going better than ever and the two of them have settled into a comfortable routine.

But all of that changes when a woman appears, a woman who claims to be Praxis herself from twenty-two years in the future. Bringing a tale of tragedy and doom, she swears that the only way to prevent disaster is to kill the man that will ultimately be responsible for all of their suffering. It is, of course, unthinkable—but how do you argue with yourself? And how do you say no, if it means saving the person that you love?


  1. Elizabeth Barone

    The cover is gorgeous! I’m so excited for you! <3

    • Jenn

      Thank you! My husband and I collaborate on the book covers, and when we sat down to design Book Two we both knew exactly what it should look like before either of us said anything. 🙂

      • Elizabeth Barone

        That’s so cool. Great minds think alike, right? 😀

  2. Jirsad Ïoh

    Amazing! I finished reading The Lady of Souls this very morning, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!
    About book two: will there be a delay between the publications of the e-book and the paperback? Also you mentioned in another article that hardcovers are to follow, are there news about this?

    • Jenn

      Thanks so much! I’m glad that you enjoyed the first one. 🙂

      I’m pleased to say that there will be no delays for the paperback of Fixing Fate. As for hardcovers, they ARE still in my long-term plans, but they’re more expensive and time-consuming to produce so I’m not ready to do it quite yet. I honestly haven’t given it much thought lately, though now that I know there’s interest I’ll have to look into it again!

      • Jirsad Ïoh

        Thank you! Also, the cover is beautiful.

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