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So I’m renaming my book series

I realize that it’s kind of an unusual thing to do after the book has already been released, but the truth is that I it was never supposed to be the final series title. It was a production name, created as an artistic choice that amused me, and NOT designed with marketing in mind. But by the time publication rolled around I had a zillion other things to worry about, and I thought that I could learn the live with it.

Turns out I can’t. And since I am still just getting started, I feel like now is kind of my last chance to do something about it.

Which means that The Lady of Souls is now Book One of The Beacon Campaigns.

The Lady of Souls render

I apologize in advance for any confusion that this midstream jump might cause, and I also apologize if the book is unavailable in any of the stores for a day or two as the changeover goes through. I didn’t do this lightly. But I really do think that this is ultimately the best thing for my books, and my series, and better reflects the tone that the stories are trying to convey. Thank you all for your understanding, and a double thank you to those that have already given the book I try—I hope that you’re loving it!

(As a bonus, now that this has been settled upon, the paperbacks should be out very soon. I need my final proof to arrive with the new title in place, but I loved everything else about the previous proof, and I anticipate being able to approve this one as soon as I get it. So if you’ve been waiting for the physical book, your wait is almost over!)


  1. Zen DiPietro

    That’s a bold change, but sometimes you really have to listen to your gut. Congrats on your proofs!

    • Jenn

      Thanks! Yeah, it wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately I think it’s working out for the best.

      • Zen DiPietro

        That’s great! 🙂

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