In celebration of Black Friday coming up and all things shopping, PLUS the fact that the paperbacks are almost ready to be released, I’m pleased to announce my very first Big! Splashy! Sale! extravaganza. (Is that enough buzzwords? No? Eh, I’m new to book marketing, what can you do?)

Starting TODAY, The Lady of Souls eBook is available for only $2.99! This price will only last through December 5th, so if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to pick up a copy, now’s the time. And what with the long holiday weekend coming up (for U.S. readers, anyway), what could be better than curling up with a new book?

The Lady of Souls render

As an extra bonus, I’m also going to be giving away free copies to reviewers. Do you have a book review blog? Are you a frequent reviewer on Amazon, GoodReads, or similar? Shoot me an email with a link to your website/reviews, and I’ll send along either an epub or mobi file for your reading pleasure.*

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, buy a copy, and most of all: enjoy the story.

*This offer is good for the length of the Introductory Sale, but please note that I reserve the right to close this offer early if I get TOO many requests—the point IS to sell books, after all, not give them ALL away for free.